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Booking a suitable hgv training course - You should visit as many companies to see what Value and extra help you will receive for your training!!!!!!

We don`t do shared courses {Clients only receive approx 10 hours driving}!!! ITS NOT ENOUGH

My advice

Visit your chosen hgv training school. DON`T TRUST A SALES PERSON

You could waste your hard earned money.

Hgv lessons liverpoolArtic Lorry

Full size Lorry`s

We use full size lorrys which means less issues for drivers when they are driving in smaller spaces as they will learn to handle the same size lorry on the training course that they will probably be given to drive by an employer

DVSA Approved Instructor

HGV Training course Liverpool

Learn Our Way hgv driving school Liverpool is proud to deliver Hgv training courses in Liverpool and surrounding towns which will be tailored to meet the needs of the individuals driving experience.

Hgv C1 and Hgv C plus Hgv CE courses in Liverpool.

We have had great success since we have started our hgv courses in Liverpool

My Prices

1 to 1 tuition {no sharing}

Hgv driving training prices are very different from different hgv schools {dont be fooled by cheaper prices as these will probably cost you in many retest fees}

{You also need to have additional training and a medical for all 4 modules plus test fees to be added}

Amount of hours is determined by your previous experience {Call for further details}

Our Passes

Although the majority our customers have passed 1st time with us some of them had previously failed with other hgv training schools and we had to correct a lot of faults and knowledge which had not been dealt with by the [apparently so called trainers} Please always ensure your trainer has a driving instructor badge to prove they are qualified!!! Can you afford to fail 3 or 6 times?

hgv category c courseArtic hgv Liverpoolhgv coursehgv trainng liverpool

Why Choose My hgv training category C & CE course in Liverpool?

1.Instructor will never answer a call while you are driving on your hgv training lessons

2. Friendly instructor who doesn't get angry {My top tip when choosing an instructor - speak to the instructor who will do the training}

3.Easy to drive lorry

4. Advanced qualifications from my school to teach you properly

5. Knowledge of the test routes

hgv training liverpoolLiverpool Artic traininghgv course liverpoolHGV Training liverpool

The DVSA have allowed you to take a driving test in a AUTOMATIC lorry and you will be given a licence to drive a manual lorry. Thats why our new addition to our hgv training school fleet is a Automatic. Never fail on gears again!!!!! {we can book you onto a manual lorry for practice with 8/16 gears after you pass if you request it}

hgv training liverpoolhgv training liverpoolcpc training module 4 liverpool

Courses 2020

17 hour - Driving Course + 3 hrs of additional knowledge training {extra hours available if required}

hgv raining liverpool
Stephen Passed and is now working as a hgv driverC1
hgv module 4 cpc course

All the steps required to gain you hgv licence


Provisional Licence {free to add provisional entitlement

Study materials/books theory and hazard tests

Module 1 - Theory test

Hazard Perception test

Module 2 - CPC Case study test

Study material for case study

Module 3 - Driving Course {20 hour includes knowledge classroom training course}

Driving test

Module 4 - CPC Demonstration Course {4/8hours}

Demonstration test

Contact for more information on hgv training Liverpool

Liam Passed 1st timeLiam Burgess
Mark passed 1st timeMark Fletcher

What does the test consist of?

What`s involved in theTest?

Safety questions

You could be asked up to 5 questions {Takes 4 minutes}


Takes approximately 5 minutes {Completed in a very small area and the trailer must end up within a 1 metre area or else you fail}


takes 10 minutes. Un hitching move the vehicle away then reverse up to the trailer without crashing into the trailer plus Hitching up the trailer {Getting the sequence wrong you fail}

The driving test

Takes 60 minutes. Clients need have had some advanced driving training before attempting this part of the test. Clients need to drive to a good consistent standard

What driving subjects are covered on the Driving test?

Motorway Driving

Dual carriageways

Spiral roundabouts

Independent driving {New}

Country lanes

1 way streets

Stop junctions

Bus lanes

Cycle lanes

Box junctions

Hill starts

Stopping exercise

Moving away done approximately 6 times

Approach 25 sets of traffic lights which pose a number of areas that the hgv and trailer must not stop in if the lights change to red

Filter traffic lights

Selecting appropriate lanes when driving

Approximately 15 changes in speed limits plus many other items could be dealt with.

Learner test standard is not enough.

Our advice is to take an assessment then follow our advice to help you to a better chance of a 1st time pass with us at hgv training liverpool your hgv training course in Liverpool will prepare you to a good level.

Not having a high standard of trainer could result in many failed attempts at the test.Clients should be aware we are teaching to help become safe at towing a trailer and clients should have a general good understanding on basic driving skills which were required for the learner car test. Please read up on highway code and the hgv driving manual before starting a course

Can you afford to fail?

CPC for newly qualified drivers after September 2009

Initial CPC tests and training

Initial CPC Mod 2 training and test

Initial CPC Mod 4 training

What is required during your hgv training course in Liverpool.

You will be given some learning materials to study prior to your 1st hgv training lesson.

Failing to study any materials provided could reduce your chances of passing the test.

What is required to Pass the reverse exercise

One items that we will teach when you undertake a hgv course in Liverpool is to ensure a driver can complete the hgv reverse exercise by ensuring that the rear of the lorry is over the yellow box between the barrier and black lines.

A fail is where the rear of the lorry is over the beginning of the yellow box.

HGVHGV Training liverpool

Make sure you invest your hard earned money on a hgv training course in Liverpool or Northwest that will give you the best chance to pass the test.

Call today to book an assessment or Full course 0151 281 6463