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Terms & Conditions


Please try to give at least 48 hours notice if you need to move your lesson.

The more notice you can give is very much so appreciated to help your Instructor to keep the amount of lessons booked.

Please remember that regular driving lessons not only help you to get to test in less lessons but also keep your instructor in a job.No work = No job.

Anybody who cancels and misses out on a lesson may also lose their place on the instructors diary.

We know that sometimes you need to cancel withless than 48 hours notice, if this is the case then please arrange an extra lesson to make up for the lost lesson. This helps your Instructor to be able to earn a living.

If your instructor need to cancel then they will give you as much notice as possible and will try to re-arrange the lesson.


Any money paid up front including test fees may be refunded if cancelled within 7 days as is the law, however once the lessons have started then no money will be refunded.

Any lessons pre-paid will not be refunded if the client does not want the remaining lessons.

Pre-Paid courses

Any pre-payment are between the client and the instructor. Learn Our Way has no control over refunds unless the money is paid direct to Learn Our Way bank account.

Pre-paid courses must be taken within 2 months of payment otherwise the fee will be lost.

Price increase

The cost of lessons could be increased usually at April or when fuel costs rise and therefore any courses booked and not taken within a calendar month may incur further costs.

Our Instructors commitment

If a lesson is booked in then your instructor will turn up. Your Instructor will have planned the lesson and is committed to your progressing quickly.

New drivers

We often drive our learner drivers who have no or little driving experience to a safe teaching area. We have researched & questioned DSA driving examiners and find that learners who learn in a quieter area often take in more instructions and therefore take fewer lessons when learning to drive.Some of our learners live in areas where the roads are less busy therefore will be allowed to drive on main roads much sooner. Progress report See the learner progress sheet to be able to check on the progress & at what stage and order that we teach our subjects. {Some driving schools work in a different order often without a progress record}

Advantages of being driven to a safe teaching area

  • 1. This time is used by teaching the learner driver while they are sitting in the passenger seat all about observing road signs & road markings.
  • 2. A Recap on the previous lesson routine that was taught can be discussed a few times during the drive to the teaching area.
  • 3. As soon as the basics are taught {example learner is confident at move away & stopping and turning left & right at junctions without being given any instructions then we deem the learner to be able to drive to and from home.

Disadvantages of driving on busy roads within the first few lessons:

  • 1. Complex junctions too many instructions to follow and deal with safely.
  • 2. Other drivers can intimidate learner drivers by following too close.
  • 3. While moving away from traffic lights other drivers may start sounding the horn due to the fact that learners especially in the early stages are slower at moving away.
  • 4. If a learner should still be getting used to using the controls. {example: steering wheel & footbrake then any sudden movements could result in an accident.

Our policy which is recommended by DSA examiners.

The safety of our learner drivers & safety of other drivers. Check out our high Pass rates {Passing 1st time saves money}

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